Your Questions Answered

What can I expect with your services?

What is Virtual Organizing?

Virtual organizing similar to a traditional organizing session, only instead of meeting face-to-face, we will meet and work together via mobile device or webcam. We will help you identify your pain points and walk you through each step to making your space organized and functional. We will give you advice and direction, as well as be your virtual cheerleader along your journey.

We will meet for an initial 30 minute phone consultation, where you will walk us through your problem areas with your cell phone to show us your challenges. From there, we will go through a  number of questions about organizing styles, goals and challenges. Finally we will find out if an in-person or virtual session is the right fit for you,  if we are the right company for you, and determine the right package for you. Each session is a minimum of 3 hours which can be split into multiple days, depending on your comfort level. From there, additional packages may be purchased. In each session we will begin with an in-depth examination of trouble areas and then we will create an action plan, which we will work together for the allotted time. At the end of the session you will be given homework assignments for you to complete on your own. We will follow up to make sure you stay on track!

Is Virtual Organizing right for me?

  • Are you motivated for change and willing to learn?

  • Are your committed to doing the hands-on work yourself?

  • Are you able to lift and move your own belongings, or have someone that can help you?

  • Are you too embarrassed to bring someone into you home because of the chaos?

  • Are you working with a restricted budget?

  • Do you have internet connectivity?

  • Do you have a device that you can use for video conferencing (smartphone or tablet)?

If you answered yes to the following questions then virtual organizing is perfect for you!