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How I made over $4,000 in 2 days!

Phew.... the holidays are over! I mean, I love Christmas and I especially love seeing the look on my kids' faces when they get something they really wanted. I really appreciate the thought other people put into getting me gifts, and I loved every gift I got.

As the Christmas dust settled, I started looking at all of the new, fun things my family and I got. As grateful as I was, I realized how much stuff we had acquired over the years. I am not a minimalist, by any means, but I also am a firm believer in "everything needs a home." If there is one thing I know for sure, it is that it is way easier to get rid of stuff than to get more space.

My husband and I decided the next morning that we were going to have a declutter party. We decided that we were going to work one room at a time and really look at each item and go through our mental check-list of (what I like to call) Decluttering 101.

Our first project was the garage. We knew this was going to be one of the harder areas to tackle and thought we should start hard while we were motivated! Looking around the (what we thought was) pretty clean and organized garage we found so much stuff we didn't use, and honestly, didn't really even remember having. We started my "Decluttering 101" process and made 4 piles: keep, throw away, donate/sell, and give to someone we know needs it.

Every item we touched went through the Decluttering 101 process, and we touched every item. We honestly evaluated each item. By the end of the day, we posted all of our Donate/Sell items on Facebook and Ebay and contacted the friends and family we knew would want some items. People came within hours treasure and some stragglers came the following day (which is why it took 2 days to make over $4,000).

By the end of the process we had over $4,000 cash in hand! We had few items that didn't sell that first day, but we gave it until the end of the week and donated what didn't sell. As rewarding as that was, when we looked around our 3 car garage we realized we could actually fit 3 cars in there, plus everything we store out there. Decluttering is such a cleansing feeling, we actually ended up looking at random items in the house that night and started again! We haven't posted our "sell" items from the house yet, but I am sure looking forward to seeing how much we can sell that stuff for!

Decluttering 101 Process

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